The Velvet Pigmentation Clinic, Brighton is an affordable, friendly and professional undertaking by skilled tattoo and aesthetics artist Eve Pleavin. Velvet is a warm, inviting and relaxed place run according to the latest micropigmentation hygiene and compliance guidelines

Quirky yet extremely professional, Eve immediately puts you at ease with her confident manner and her sympathetic consultations. Located in Brighton, East Sussex she is a veteran tattoo artist and micro pigmentation expert who has been practicing her craft for more than 14 years.

Driven by a desire to take her talent in tattooing beyond the realm of the purely decorative, Eve transitioned into the domain of micro pigmentation (semi-permanent make-up) seven years ago and more recently scalp micropigmentation (SMP) within the chic Velvet Pigmentation Clinic.

Eve is a respected micropigmentation professional in Brighton who is already gathering rave reviews for her deft and natural work. A member of American Academy of Micro-pigmentation (AAM), she regularly liaises with the US experts who are bringing innovation into this nascent field.

Eve took her knowledge and experience to the next level with advanced training under Pigmentalia, Beauty Medical and Goldeneye, joining an elite group of technicians trained under the supervision of Milena Lardi, innovator of the tricopigmentation process.

Eve Pleavin was the first technician in the United Kingdom, and one of the first in the world, to master both permanent SMP and temporary tricopigmentation, having trained with global permanent scalp micropigmentation leaders HIS Hair Clinic, on Harley Street in London. Eve believes passionately in giving clients a choice of procedures to suit their needs. Use this great guide if you’re not sure which treatment would best suit your requirements.

Velvet is a boutique clinic with a very personal and ethical attitude. Every person is treated as an individual, with a bespoke treatment plan drawn up for them, decided by the technician and the client. Various techniques and pigment shades are used to match the clients own hair thickness, hair colour and folicle density.

SMP is relatively new, Eve is reaching out to many people who are suffering but do not know of this initiative solution to hair loss. ‘It’s not a common topic of conversation’. She has had features in local magazines such as Gscene and Inside Sussex as a local SMP expert and national magazine ‘Attitude’.